Skype for iOS 10 lets you use Siri to make a call

Microsoft today updated its Skype for iOS app with new features specific to iOS 10. You can download the new app now directly from Apple’s App Store (iPhone, iPad).

Skype now supports SiriKit, which means you can call someone on Skype just like you would place a normal call with voice commands. You can just say “Call [contact name]” and as long as the Skype contact information is saved in your iOS device, Siri and Skype will take care of the rest. Just like on a normal call, Siri may ask for you to confirm it has the right contact.

Skype also now takes advantage of CallKit in iOS 10. As a result, incoming Skype calls will show up just like regular calls on your lock screen, and it’s easy to switch between, or answer, Skype and regular calls. Microsoft says SiriKit and CallKit functionality is coming to its Skype for Business iOS apps in October.

You can now store your Skype contacts right in your iOS device. This makes it easier to initiate a Skype video call, audio call, or even a Skype message without having to go into the app.

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