Mobile Apps for Bars and Clubs

Bar and Club Owners You should get a Mobile App for your business success. A custom Mobile App from YoYoMobi will help you connect with your customers more easily and effectively and can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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drink“There may be no better way ever devised to market your Restaurant or Bar than with a mobile app. In fact, Restaurateurs and Bar owners may be the greatest beneficiaries of the Mobile App industry because of the number of tools they can employ to enhance their customer experience.”

Market Yourself With Professional Features and Design


Instant Notifications and Alerts

Instantly notify your customers of events, specials, or whatever comes to mind.

Image Galleries

Easily link to your own galleries or upload your own images. 360 is also supported!

Video Showcase

Video Sells. If you’re using video to do your marketing, you can easily add them to your app.

Easy Contact Tools

Make it easy for your customers to contact you with their preferred method. Tap to call, email forms, or SMS text messages.

Email Subscriber List Building

Easily build your email list with built in subscription forms